Dried Lemon Slices, Dehydrated Lemon Wheels for Cocktails (35 to 45 Slices) 3.5 Oz, Natural Dried Fruit Cocktail Garnish for Drinks, Decorations, Cake, Cooking, Tea

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  • NATURAL DRIED LEMON SLICES: Elevate your taste experience with our Dried Lemon Slices, a symphony of tangy zest and natural goodness. Crafted from succulent lemons, these slices embody the essence of pure lemon delight. Perfect for Christmas and Holiday gifts.
  • PREMIUM DRIED LEMON GARLAND FOR DECORATION: Enhance your decor with our versatile dried lemon garland. Whether for the Christmas tree or table decorations. This dehydrated orange wheels adds a natural and festive touch to your space.
  • DEHYDRATED FRUIT WHEELS FOR COCKTAIL GARNISH: Our dried citrus slices are a versatile addition to cocktails, water, tea and more. Get creative - they're perfect for desserts, hot or cold drinks, and various culinary delights. Share the joy by gifting these slices to loved ones. Bring a zesty twist to your mixology with our wholesome dried fruit slices.
  • ADDITIVE-FREE AUTHENTICITY FOR YOUR HEALTH: Experience the true essence of health with our additive-free dried lemon slices. These slices are devoid of any additives, chemicals, or preservatives, ensuring that every bite is a step towards a healthier you. Meticulously prepared in a hygienic haven, our slices derive from vitamin C-rich lemons grown under optimal conditions. Perfect for vegans and those seeking gluten-free additive-free delights.
  • NATURALLY DELICIOUS EDIBLE DRIED LEMON SLICES: Indulge in our carefully crafted dried lemon slices made in Europe. Expertly hand-sliced and prepared in small batches to preserve peak freshness and natural flavor. These edible lemon wheels are versatile—perfect as a dried fruit cocktail garnish or to elevate any recipe. Taste the essence of quality in every bite.

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