Sugar Free Energy Drink - Zero Calorie, Kosher, Gluten Free, Vegan, KETO Friendly - 11.2 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)

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  • SYNERGY OF PINEAPPLE and COCONUT - PINA COLADA FLAVOR: Delicious pina colada flavor, goes very well with chips, ebt eligible items, hot cheetos, doritos, funyuns and hot fries.
  • REFRESHING MOJITO FLAVOR: Mojito flavor, the perfect combination of filtered sparkling water (soda), lime, lemon and fresh mint.
  • ADD NEOZEN ENERGY DRINK TO YOUR COCKTAIL: If you desire, enjoy your NEOZEN drink with delicious cocktails and ice.
  • NEOZEN BOOSTS YOUR ENERGY: Whether it’s first thing in the morning or when you’re fighting that afternoon slump, NEOZEN Energy drink is the natural energy boost you are looking for.
  • HIGH CAFFEINE TO CONCENTRATE: Our energy-boosting drink contains 132 mg of natural caffeine from guarana. It gives you positive energy that you looking for.
  • READY TO WORKOUT: Caffeine give you immense energy for your workout. Don’t forget your NEOZEN as pre-workout nutrition.
  • NATURAL L-THEANINE: It is a naturally occurring amino acid found in tea leaves that helps regulate mood, concentration, alertness, and sleep. When paired with caffeine, L-theanine may help increase focus and attention.
  • FOCUS YOUR GOALS: If you need to focus on your job, Our NEOZEN improves performance in mentally demanding tasks. Also, It is safe to use every day.
  • ESSENTIAL VITAMINS and MINERALS: Our low sodium sparkling energy drink meets your 100% daily value of Vitamin C, B6, B12. And, It contains a variety of minerals like zinc (3 mg).
  • SUGAR and GLUTEN-FREE: It is a zero sugar keto-friendly and kosher energy drink with no-gluten. NO PRESERVATIVE Our drink is preservative-free. It is safe to use in your daily routine.
  • ZERO CALORIE: You can safely drink NEOZEN on your diet. Our nutritional drink makes you more energic.
Vendor Ceres Gourmet
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