Fruit Strips Variety Pack, 30 Pcs Vegan, Gluten-Free Fruit Leather Snacks Gift Box, No Added Sugar, 6 Flavor Healthy Snacks (Strawberry, Plum, Peach, Blackberry, Persimmon, and Cherry) 0.7 Oz Strips

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  • 30 PCS FRUIT STRIPS PREMIUM SELECTION: Delight in our fruit leather snacks, offering a bigger portion of 6 exquisite flavors - Strawberry, Plum, Peach, Blackberry, Persimmon, and Cherry - all with Apple as the base ingredient. Enjoy a satisfying and nourishing treat that will leave you wanting more.
  • 100% NATURAL FROM FRESH FRUITS: Immerse yourself in the extraordinary taste and nourishment of our fruit leather, meticulously handcrafted from the finest, freshest fruits nature has to offer.
  • UNIQUE EXOTIC FLAVORS: We make a delightful differentiation from the others with rare and enticing flavors like plum and persimmon, setting our fruit leather apart from the rest and offering a truly captivating snacking experience.
  • SCHOOL BAG-FRIENDLY HELATHY SNACKS : Our wholesome fruit leathers are a must-have for kids' school bags and on-the-go munching. Enjoy a burst of goodness, making snacking nutritious and delicious anytime, anywhere.
  • VEGAN GLUTEN-FREE NO PRESERVATIVES: Delight in the pure and wholesome essence of our healthy fruit leather, thoughtfully crafted from real fruits. Experience a guilt-free snacking pleasure without gluten, or artificial preservatives.
  • NO SUGAR ADDED LOW CALORIE SUMMER SNACKS: Experience the goodness of our fruit leather, combining Apple and 6 mouthwatering flavors. Embrace the summer with these low-calorie delights, free from added sugars, making them the perfect guilt-free option for your sunny adventures.
  • PERFECT GIFT BOX FOR EVERYONE: Spread joy with our exquisite fruit leather gift box, featuring vegan, gluten-free delights crafted from real fruits. Share the goodness of nature with your family and friends, making their day extra special and wholesome.
Vendor Ceres Gourmet
Type Fruit Leather
Weight 0.0 lb

Customer Reviews

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I just purchased another box due to their quality and taste. I teach all day and do not have much time to sit and eat. I reach over for one of these fruit strips and keep going. They taste delicious, real fruit, not super sweet . You can see the fruit fibers. Favorite snack when fasting certain foods too.


Very fruity and thick. Great natural healthy snack to take on the run.


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