Collagen Sparkling Drink with Dietary Fiber - Balanced Nutrients for Wellness - Sugar Free - Keto-Friendly - No Gluten - No Caffeine - 11.2 fl oz (12 Pack)

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  • UNIQUE HEALTH DRINK: NEOZEN Collagen health drink is a perfect nutritional blend of essential vitamins,
    minerals, dietary fiber, and collagen peptides with various benefits for your joints, bones, tissues, tendons,
    skin, and hairs.
    REFRESHING MOJITO FLAVOR: Delicious Mojito flavor, the perfect combination of filtered sparkling water
    (soda), lemon, and fresh mint. If you desire, enjoy your preservative-free NEOZEN drink with ice.
    NUTRITIONAL PERFORMANCE DRINK: NEOZEN makes it easy and delicious to get your daily dose of
    collagen, vitamins, minerals in a refreshing Mojito flavor. It is an ideal drink for pre-workout or post-workout.
    COLLAGEN FOR JOINTS & TISSUES: It contains 2500 mg bovine (Type I and III) collagen; collagen supports
    joints and repairs tissues. Also, It protects your body from workout deformation and injuries.
    BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR HAIR AND SKIN: Collagen provides our skin with elasticity and reduces facial
    wrinkles, and helps to get rid of cellulite. Collagen contains a wide variety of amino acids necessary for hair
    FIBER FOR DIGESTION: Contains 7gr dietary fiber with the daily value of %25 for an adult. High dietary fiber
    supports the digestion system and helps lose weight.
    PROTEIN (3 gr.) PER CAN: Neozen differs from other drinks with 3gr protein comes from collagen peptides
    and dietary fiber. NEOZEN's all-natural collagen drink helps to build and recover muscles.
    ESSENTIAL VITAMINS and MINERALS: Mets your 100% daily value of Vitamin C, B6, B12. And, It contains
    a variety of minerals like zinc (3 mg), selenium (14 mcg), magnesium (105 mg). It provides mental focus,
    alertness, endurance, and even cardiovascular strength.

    SUGAR-FREE, SWEETENED WITH SUCRALOSE: NEOZEN collagen health drink has Zero Sugar, naturally
    sweetened with sucralose. It is a keto-friendly health drink with very low calories (35 cal per can).
    CAFFEINE FREE and GLUTEN FREE: This product has zero caffeine and gluten. It doesn't leave an aftertaste
    in your mouth. It can be helpful with diabetes to monitor the sugar intake in the body.
    NEOZEN HEALTH DRINKS FOR EVERY DAY: You can safely drink your NEOZEN Collagen every day. It is
    available in a convenient pack of 12. Offering zero artificial flavors and colors.
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